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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Acrylic Blocks? These are some of the most commonly asked questions about acrylic blocks, but if you have others, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Will the blocks yellow?

The acrylic in our blocks has passed Federal tests and A.S.T.M. tests for UV stability.  In 25-year accelerated tests, our blocks lost only 4% of their color (the cause of yellowing).  The human eye can only detect a 6% or greater loss.

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Will the blocks scratch?

With normal use, scratching isn't a problem.  However, if your blocks do become scratched, those scratches are easy to remove using a plastic polish.




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What if I break a block?

If a block is simply scratched, the scratches can easily be removed without replacing the block. If the block is cracked or broken, a block replacement kit is available. The damaged block is removed and a replacement block is installed in its place. Total replacement time is about 25 minutes. Our vinyl framed windows feature a replaceable insert unit. Simply install a new unit as you would any traditional insulated glass unit.

Replacement Block Video

Insert Unit Replacement Video

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How do I clean the blocks?

Hy-lite blocks are made of high quality acrylic and requires a small amount of care when cleaning.  Wash only with a mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water, or a good quality plastic cleaner.  Use a clean sponge or a soft cloth to minimize scratching.  Rinse well with water.  Do not scrub or use harsh brushes.  Harsher cleaners are not necessary--always check with the cleanser's manufacturer for compatibility with acrylic.

USE: Mild soap or detergent, such as Joy dishwashing liquid, or an approved acrylic plastic cleaner or polish.  For a sparkling shine, use Pledge furniture polish after cleaning. 

DO NOT USE: Tile cleaners, or abrasive cleaners such as: Comet® bathroom, Scrub free® soap scum remover.

DO NOT USE: Benzene, acetone, gasoline, or carbon tetrachloride.

DO NOT: clean in hot sun or at elevated temperatures.

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How long does it take to get my order?

Depending on your location and the item, you will receive your order in 1-3 weeks.

Loose block orders are ready to ship.  You should receive your order in 5-7 business days or less.

Standard window units take 4-5 working days to manufacture.  Depending on your location, you should recieve your order in 2-weeks or less.

Custom windows and walls take 5-7 working days to manufacture.  You should receive your order in 3-weeks or less.

 Contact us for rush orders or to track your order.  Toll free phone (888) 500-2665.

We also offer some "Quick Ship" windows if you need it within a week.


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How do I install Hy-Lite Block Windows?

Our block windows are shipped completely framed and ready to install.  Our new construction windows are installed using nail fins and our block frame windows are installed like most replacement windows.  For more detailed information check out our Installation Instructions.

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Which block pattern should I consider if privacy is my main concern?

Many people find that any of our acrylic blocks provide the privacy they need.  However, for ultimate privacy, you'll want to use our Glacier Wave blocks.  One side of the block (exterior side) has the "Glacier" (cracked ice) pattern to make it nearly opaque.

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Are acrylic blocks Safety Glazing Approved?

Yes! Acrylic blocks are safety glazing approved which not only makes it safe but also accepted by most building codes. This approval allows our blocks to be placed in entryways, around bathtubs and used as shower walls.

Are your Acrylic block windows, wind tested for high winds up to 220mph?

Yes, Hy-lite windows have been certified by AAMA 1701.2-85, HUD 3280.305 for wind zones II & III (48 & 58 psf). For more detailed information check out our TEST RESULTS.

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Can I order an individual acrylic block?

Yes, you can order individual acrylic blocks. simply go to our "Loose Blocks" tab and order individual or for better prices order a complete case of blocks.  During checkout, select the shipping  method and method of payment.  Your Acrylic Block will be sent the next business day.

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Can I use this product for shower walls?

Hy-Lite pre-assembled acrylic block panels are great for showers.  Every block is hermetically sealed to prevent any leakage.  In addition, Hy-Lite's non-porous caulk resists mold and mildew.  We offer end and corner caps that allow for a variety of configurations.  Just keep in mind that just like other acrylic products (such as bathtubs) you need to use the proper products for care and cleaning.  Do not use an abrasive cleaning product or any cleaner that is unsafe for use on plastics.

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Can I use a Hy-Lite block window in a shower?

You can use our windows in most any location you would use any other window (and then some).  However, in a shower where water is likely to spray on the window the installer needs to make sure the construction is such that the walls are protected from water. 

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Can I mix and match block patterns to my window or panels?

YES!  You can personalize your window or shower panel.  This is a great way to create a unique design that will add value to your home or office.  Printable QuoteForm.

Where can I see Acrylic Blocks windows?

You can either visit our store in Culver City, California or can check out these great video as seen on TV : IBS Product Spotlight 


Where can I find test data for acrylic block windows?




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